Hi there, I am late again, but nevertheless: a happy and successful year 2012!

I have collected a few links which might or might not interest you. Also, I plan to start with some scientific (background) posts again. Locust in ItalyLet’s see how this works out:-)

Press release of Heliatek: Heliatek achieves new world record for organic solar cells with certified 9.8 % cell efficiency. Evaporated small molecule tandem with area above 1cm2. Very good! Also, Mitsubishi Chemical has reached 10.1% efficiency on solution processed small molecules.

Nature looks back at the science year 2011: 365 days: Images of the year.

Interesting, although not related to physics: Syllabus for David Foster Wallace’s class “English 102-Literary Analysis: Prose Fiction Fall ’94”. Clear rules, yeah! Forgot who linked to it, sorry.Editorial of Nature Physics: How to be popular, i.e. how to write popular science articles for a general non-scientific audience. If you are at talks, also consider to read the requirements of Richard Stallman, free software advocate, for his speeches.

Citation science: about the Temporal Effects in the Growth of Networks via physics.aps.org

Tim Vines: Is Peer Review a Coin Toss? – good question. Also: Quality Reviewing Declines with Experience by Phil Davis.

Quirin Schiermeier & Katrin Kohnert from Nature: Germany: Renewables revolution

The myth of renewable energy by the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists… bit of propaganda, but always some truth there.

Collection of Newton’s work at Cambridge Digital Library.

Via Maxine Clarke, Nautilus blog: Howy Jacobs receives a letter – how a director of human services at a university handles cricital feedback in a most kindly manner… impressive.

Mobile science by maninchem.org: iphone apps for scientists (mostly chemists, though;-) Also, 10 cool things you can do with Wolfram Alpha and Siri by Erica Sadun at tuaw.com.

More on the funny side:

A review article proposes smoking for endurance athletes via Kent Anderson, the scholarly kitchen.

Reference to a nice paper by Dennis Upper on “The unsuccessul self-treatment of a case of writer’s block” as pdf.

Chemist jokes… without comment, find them at the chemistry world blog.


T. H. Huxley via #naturenews:

The great tragedy of Science — the slaying of a beautiful hypothesis by an ugly fact

Oscar Wilde:

What is a cynic? A man who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing.

Daniel Patrick Moynihan:

Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not his own facts.

Lawrence J. Peter:

The way to avoid mistakes is to gain experience. The way to gain experience is to make mistakes.

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