How to publish… not so seriously

Great comical contribution of Jorge Cham’s PhD Comics: ButterflyNature vs Science

The Nature Journal liked it, as apparent from their blog post;-) According to Jorge Cham, their general comment was:

Use this comic for procrastination or decompression, as you see fit.

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How to publish… seriously

Less sad than the recent Note on publishing a scientific commentGolden GateAs I am in a constant process of trying to understand the requirements for publishing high-impact scientific papers better (slow process… ;-), I am always eager to see what others write about it.

Recently, I linked to some PLOS editorials about Ten simple rules for nearly everything, including writing papers.

Along this line, the presentation given by the Phys. Rev. Lett. Editor Manolis Antonoyiannakis in Japan end of last year, is very interesting. In addition to hints for using the right phrasing when writing about scientific results, he also gives some insight – from the viewpoint of the Editorial Office of a high impact phyics journal – into the inner workings of paper predecision (by Editor) and general acceptance rate. Continue reading “How to publish… seriously”