SPIE Pickings

Already 8 weeks past, recently some Videos (well, stills of the slides plus audio) of the Solar and LED Session of the SPIE Optics and Photonics 2011, San Diego went online.

Happy Family: Apes in Khandala, MaharashtraHere are two or three which might interest you (well, they got my attention;-) but there is more to be found on the above mentioned web site – although I had to modify the settings of my ad blocker to be able to watch. No, there are no ads; still…

Before you scroll down, let me mention some other “findings” of potential interest:

But now to these SPIE presentations [Update: WordPress does not accept the embedded vidos, so here just the links to the videos].

James Durrant, Imperial: Charge photogeneration and recombination in organic solar cells

Jenny Nelson, Imperial: Modelling charge transport and recombination in organic photovoltaic materials

Craig Peters, Stanford: High-efficiency polymer-based OPV with lifetimes approaching 7 years; liked especially the PDS spectra about the impact of degradation on CT states (around position 19min):

Wei You, UNC: Molecular engineering of conjugated polymers for highly efficient bulk-heterojunction solar cells on molecular engineering of conjugated polymers, penne vs spaghetti, reorganisation, and high efficiencies.

Also, there is one from yours truly;-) Impact of trap-assisted recombination on the performance of polymer-fullerene bulk-heterojunction solar cells. Never realised I say “um” so much… Here the slides also on Slideshare.

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