Wolfgang Pauli speaking

I just have to share these quotes of Wolfgang Pauli:Tea time in Turkey

One shouldn’t work on semiconductors, that is a filthy mess; who knows if they really exist!

God created the solids, the devil their surfaces.

I don’t mind your thinking slowly; I mind your publishing faster than you think.

This isn’t right. It’s not even wrong.

Excellent… and certainly applicable to the fields of organic solar cells and disordered semiconductors ;-)

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Making The Round: New Report on Materials for Organic Photovoltaics Sector

Via David Kirkpatrick’s Blog: Little Friend

Yesterday, a new report on the future prospects of the organic photovoltaics business was presented by the analyst firm Nanomarkets. It is said to include a roadmap for improvements in organic solar cell lifetimes and efficiencies, as well as forecast of volume and price of relevant materials over the course of eight years.

I cannot comment on the analysts’ expertise, although they are specialised on market research for organic and printable electronics – which has pros (they know what they are talking about) and cons (they might be pretty subjective), I reckon;-) See their press release here. All in all, a promising future is just what we need:-)

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