New Record for Organic Solar Cells and other stuff

Solarmer did it again: 8.13% power conversion efficiency, certified by NREL, were anounced at the currently running SPIE Optics and Photonics conference in San Diego.

I am also here, my talk will be on wednesday afternoon – but do not expect any breakthroughs in terms of performance from me:-) Maybe there will be more news here in the days to come.

Foothill Mountains - Russian RidgeIn June and July, I was visiting scientist in the group of Mike McGehee at Stanford University for five very interesting weeks. Thanks again for hosting me, and for the interesting discussions we had! I also had a brief visit to PARC, the Palo Alto Research Center, for an interesting discussion with Robert Street about the photocurrent in organic solar cells. We finally agreed to disagree on some issues, but from my point of view, that’s absolutely fine.

During my Stanford visit, there was fortunately time enough for hiking in the Foothill Mountains as well! Highly recommended. Thanks to Andreas and Verena as well as Matthias for getting me started.

Another bit, highly unrelated, which you should skip if you are not interested in software related stuff: you may know that I am a Mac user, and since the MRS meeting back in April also a happy iPad owner. One of the favourite programs, exclusively for Mac, is Papers, a program to organise and read your scientific articles. It is also available for iPhone/iPad, and includes sync to your Mac (WLAN or via iTunes) and online backups (if you like). I mention it now as of last week, the iPhone/iPad version has the ability to add annotations and highlights to the pdfs. As far as I know, these annotations cannot yet be synced, but I am sure it is a top priority for the next version. Just one of the many useful programs assisting scientists to get their work done:-) If you wonder what other software I use, you will notice that I do not mind paying for good software, although a lot of very good freeware is around is well on Macs. My top ten is (disordered;-) TeXshop, Daylite, DevonThink Pro Office (or Journler), Textexpander, Cornerstone (or svnX), MarsEdit, Launchbar (or Quicksilver), Intaglio, Dropbox, and Textmate (or TextWrangler). The alternative option is brackets are the programs which are free or shareware programs, whereas I use commercial ones. The ones without alternatives have none (or are free or shareware;-)

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