iPhone again

Via Ken Lee @ Macresearch: Modest plantif you are an avid user of \LaTeX and happy owner of the iPhone, there is a nice little iPhone program called LaTeX Help to look up often used mathematical symbols, the commands for including figures, etc. I know, it might be easier to look these up on the internet, but I like the idea;-)

Two other useful programs: a periodic table, The Chemical Touch: Lite Edition) and PhD Comics (very useful – and also available directly on the web ;-) Enjoy.

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Papers for iPhone… soon

The Mac using scientists amongst you are probably aware of the Red in Greenprogram Papers for organising your electronic library of articles. The developer, Alex Griekspoor (aka mek), has been working hard on the corresponding iPhone version lately; now, it has been submitted to the App Store and is expected soon. Update 19.2.2009: available now. Not cheap with 10 Euros 8 Euros (Update 27.2.2009: sorry, my mistake, was 10 Dollars. And actually, it is rather cheap, considering what other things I buy for 8 Euros;-), and the iPhone seems also a bit small for reading papers, but might nevertheless be a useful tool. Also, it includes a free online backup via Amazon S3 (!) and syncing to the coming Papers (for Mac) version 1.9.

Personally, I like the Mac version of Papers a lot: it is really an innovative program, although for me it has never been very stable (this, however, seems not to be a common problem according to the forums. Still, apologies to mek for never mentioning my instabilities to him ;-).

Update 27.2.2009 P.S. After I posted this, I wrote the Papers developer, mek, about my instability problem, and he answered within a few hours. It is a known issue having to do with Smart Lists. Now, my Papers version is responsive and stable!

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iPhone Scientific Apps – and Apps for Science;-)

I have been quite quiet for a while, and now I am only briefly back with a somewhat off topic note: Science Apps for the iPhone. Macresearch already found a few of these, as described in their two blogposts. I quickly skimmed through the list of apps today, and found indeed some interesting stuff. One which will be particularly useful for me is VoiceNotes, which makes the iPhone a voice recorder (it also has some commercial but affordable competitors which I have not tested yet). Very useful to me, up to now I used to speak on my answering machine – which forwarded the messages as emails to my inbox – when some idea comes to me during driving to or from work… which happens rather frequently (both, the commuting and the voice recording;-) I am looking forward to see more applications soon.

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