Most cited Rep. Prog. Phys. Article In The Last 2 Years


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4 thoughts on “Most cited Rep. Prog. Phys. Article In The Last 2 Years”

  1. Hi Deibel,
    I’m really enjoying your blog. It is very useful for me in my research. I have just started my research on organic electronics. So if you can please give us some details on,
    1. Some detail comparison on a-Si TFT and PV with organic TFT and PV. Why organic is cheap compare to a-Si TFT and PV (I belive organic stuff can not compete with crystaline Si related material. I like to get an idea how SiO2 process to get Si wafer and convert it to a-Si. Is it really expensive process.
    2. Some basic idea on how OTFT and OPV work. Simple and in detail.


    1. Hi Liya, thanks for your comment. Although I worked on TFT, I feel more at home with solar cells, which is why I will stick to this topic (given my time to blog is rather limited, see the three recent posts only being “link lists”). Sorry to disappoint! The basic idea how OPV works is already in included here, see e.g. the picture story and the links therein, or the review (also on arXiv). Kind regards, Carsten

  2. Congratulation! I follow your blog for sometime. I’m doing the research on OPV as well about charge photogeneration processes influenced by electric field. I have many interesting idea and fundamental things from your blog and article.


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