MRS Spring Meeting 2010… already over

Last week, the MRS Spring Meeting took place in San Francisco. It was my first time there, but certainly not the last! ruffled feathersI enjoyed it immensely, despite my extensive last minute preparations of the talk I was invited to give… another first timer for me (on an international conference). In case you are interested, find the slides on scribd. Prof. Venkateswara Bommisetty, one of the organisers of the GG symposium told me that the slides of invited talks will also be made available (if the authors agree).

Many interesting talks, too many to go into more detail in the given time!;-) Anyway, it was nice to meet Alex (glidera) and his colleague Bertrand in person, and spend time with Andy B and Tom!

It was difficult (if not impossible) to agree with Alan Heeger and Robert Street on their propositions that monomolecular recombination is the limiting factor for organic bulk heterojunction solar cells at short circuit current under one sun illumination. Thus, despite both of them being well-known and highly respected, I allow myself to express my strong belief (supported by transient experiments and macroscopic simulations;-) that bimolecular polaron recombination is the dominant loss mechanism for free polarons, instead of monomolecular polaron recombination. Maybe more on this later.

During the conference, and featured in the talk of Karl Leo, Heliatek announced another efficiency record for small molecule solar cells, enhancing their recent achievements to now 7.7% certified efficiency for a tandem cell with 1.1cm2. Again, my congratulations, great stuff!

[Update 17.5.2010] here the embedded slides:

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4 thoughts on “MRS Spring Meeting 2010… already over”

  1. I am interested with this sentence, “monomolecular recombination is the limiting factor for organic bulk heterojunction solar cells at short circuit current under one sun illumination”, and also your oppostive view. would you like to introduce some papers about this debate?
    thank you very much.

    1. Hi Weiwei Li! I actually do not know any papers about this debate, which is exactly the problem: there is no (open) debate;-) But give me some time, I’ll try to come up with a post or something more detailed. Cheers, Carsten

  2. It was great to meet you too, Carsten! Hopefully we can reconvene next year at the same place. And thank you for posting your slides. I’d definitely like to look over them again. Take care.

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