“The first thing we have to do is just not screw it up…”

Panel discussion at the American Association for the Advancement of Science meeting Solar Panels in Lower Franconiaabout where research efforts (and funding;-) should be focused concerning energy production and use. Nanotechnology might play a key role – to which organics belong, even though they are not explicitly mentioned. The discussion is summarised at Ars Technica. One conclusion:

So from the generation side, there were several key messages about where we should be putting our money: go with solar, increase efficiencies using nanoparticles, find a way to use cheap and abundant raw materials, and think seriously about thermoelectric materials.

The German physical society published a study about climate, energy, and what related research is needed back in 2005, yet still contains uptodate concepts and ideas. But I still wonder: Do Europeans actually have an organisation similar to the AAAS mentioned above, or similar meetings?

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