Blog reference in a book on Flexible Solar Cells

Just found a book about Flexible Solar Cells. I found it admittedly by vanity search;-) In chapter 4 (about organic solar cells), several of my figures published Found on the path high up in the Taurus rangein this blog are used.

Of course, I am very happy that my figures are liked and used, and also happy that I was referenced (my name and the blog are mentioned below the respective figures, and really also appear in the list of references ;-). However, I was somewhat surprised about not having been asked for the permission of the images’ reproduction. I even could have supplied them in high resolution.

By the way, if you want to have a look at the book (yes, free advertisement… maybe I get a copy of the book as appreciation;) , you can find it at google books (hope the links works..) and also at Scribd, although for the latter link, I am pretty sure that the book pdf is published without Wiley’s permission! Disclaimer: all links go to external sites, they are just for your information. [Update 7.7.2009: the book pdf on Scribd was deleted at the request of John Wiley and Sons.]

So, once again, I am happy if you use my material and give me credit, even if you do not ask. But please do!

P.S. One of my photos from this blog (saved at flickr) was also published (with my permission;-) in the Schmap Boston Guide.

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Personal news, and a happy new year 2009

Dear valued reader, Anette Hammer)' on Flickr.complease allow me to share some personal news:

Just married !

On the 20th of December 2008, Anja and I celebrated our civil wedding, our “way into happiness” as we call it, in my home town Wuppertal! Afterwards we spent two very relaxing weeks on vacation, enjoying togetherness, thus regaining vigour and inspiration after a laborious year.

That news given, you will certainly believe me that for us this will be an excellent new year 2009, with many more as good ones to follow. Please accept my best wishes for a healthy, funny, splendid year to come.

All the best,


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