Some links I found interesting since the last time… partly older stuff, though.

4 Responses to Links

  1. glidera says:

    Carsten, what are you doing to me! I’m getting ready to apply for junior faculty positions, and I just spent the morning reading about the shit show that is the tenure promotion process from one of your posts. Now it’s still morning, and I’m already terrified. :)

    Jokes aside, thanks for posting. There are some real gems in there.

    Hope all is well at home with the little ones and in lab with the bigger ones. Take care.

    • deibel says:

      Alex, excellent news! The little ones are very happy so all is well:) The bigger ones mostly also! All the best for you and your science career, makes my day! Carsten

  2. “How to Make Perfect Coffee” is extremly interesting. On a sidenote: What do you think of these Perovskite based solar cells? From 3.5% to 14% efficency from 2009 to end 2012 sounds like a good start. And they also mention the cheap prices of these cells.

    • deibel says:

      Perovskite solar cells sound very interesting to me as well. I’d like to see a paper on their stability, though, as I heard (from someone I trust) they may not be so stable. I do not know any details, though, and therefore this rather vague point should not deter anybody at present;-)

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